Worker’s Compensation Expertise

At Palo Brea Pain & Rehabilitation Centers, we specialize in working with Worker’s Compensation cases.

We understand both from the medical side and the administrative side, how to move a case forward to get the patient back to functionality as quickly as possible. Our staff works cohesively with attorneys, adjusters, and nurse case managers. Our doctors make themselves available to talk with the Worker’s Compensation professional to answer questions about the case.

Why are we excellent at what we do?

Referring Physicians

Our staff is here to help make referring a patient an easy process. We treat your patients with kindness and dignity. Our staff is friendly, bilingual and will take the best care of your patient’s needs and promptly update your office on treatment.

Worker’s Compensation Referrals

The physicians at Palo Brea Pain & Rehabilitation work with Worker’s Compensation professionals through understanding their goals and needs for the case. This includes:

  • Getting patients an appointment as quickly as possible.
  • Sending patient reports as expediently as possible after a patient appointment, including Independent Medical Examinations. The reports are thorough and detailed.
  • Patient reports are detailed and written with evidence-based guidelines in mind as well as the doctor’s extensive knowledge of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment (5th and 6th Editions).

Patient Care

Our physicians are Board Certified Phyiatrists and stay up-to-date on all current pain research and modalities. Palo Brea Pain & Rehabilitiation’s philosophy on medical care for an injured patient is to a deal with the acute pain and get them back to work when safe and feasible. Modified work duty is considered when available and medically appropriate.

We are experts in working with spinal and musculoskeletal care. The focus is on personalized, non-surgical health solutions to return the patient to functional restoration as quickly as possible. Our physiatrist is completely familiar with the highly misunderstood and often misdiagnosed pain profile; Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD). They are extremely knowledgeable as well with handling neuropathy issues such as neuropathic pain, radiculopathy, and plexopathy. We also offer:

  • Comprehensive musuloskeletal evaluations
  • Interventional pain procedures
  • Chronic pain evaluations
  • Consultations

Patients are scheduled with attention towards minimizing wait times. We have a friendly, caring staff who help patients through the Worker’s Compensation process. Several Spanish speaking staff are on hand to help make the process and visits for patients seamless.

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    Meet Your Injury Specialist:

    Jeffrey D. Scott, M.D.

    Dr. Scott understands the physical and psychological barriers that chronic pain conditions create for the patient and their families. His definition of improvement is functional improvement. Maximizing function includes not only pain control but also patient education, communication and participation. With an individualized treatment plan, the impact of chronic pain on a patient’s quality of life can be minimized.

    • B.S. in Biomedical Engineering, Northwestern University, 1993
    • MD, Southern Illinois University’s School of Medicine, 1997
    • Residency, Eastern Virginia Medical School, 2001
    • Board Certification Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, 2002
    • Certified Independent Medical Examiner, 2010
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